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Cherry Cabinet Kitchen Remodel MilwaukeeRemodeling your kitchen is no small task. There are plenty of questions to ask, budgets to plan, and decisions to make. Wisconsin Kitchen Mart has over 60 years of kitchen remodeling experience in the Milwaukee area. Let us be your first stop for updating your kitchen.

Where to Start When Remodeling

Wisconsin Kitchen Mart follows a remodeling checklist to make planning your home remodel easy. We start with an in-store consultation to cover all the common questions before starting a kitchen remodeling project:

  • What colors do you want in your kitchen
  • Which appliances do you need
  • Is there a style you have in mind
  • How do you generally use your kitchen (solely for cooking, eating meals, entertaining)

Going over these questions gives our designers get an idea of your exact vision for your kitchen. Our initial consultation will include a walk through our Milwaukee showroom to see all the available appliances and products for your redesigned kitchen. And be sure to ask us about the latest kitchen trends.

Next, we visit your home to evaluate the space. We’ll take measurements, see if any appliances are reusable, and check out the rest of the décor of your house. All of this information will go into developing the perfect kitchen design based on your home and lifestyle.

Farmhouse Sink with Granite Counter in MilwaukeeKitchen Remodeling Ideas and Trends

Our Milwaukee designers will use the in-store and at-home consultations to create an initial plan for your kitchen. We’ll incorporate your ideas with modern remodeling trends until we reach the perfect design for your home.

A major trend is to upgrade kitchens with smart appliances. New technology makes it easy to save money with energy efficient refrigerators, ovens, and laundry machines. Hands-free faucets are another way to add convenience to the kitchen. Simply touch the faucet to start or stop the water while your hands are full.

Granite and other stone countertops are popular in kitchens for their antimicrobial properties and beautiful appearance. Quartz counters have become very common in the last few years. We fabricate stone countertops right in our Milwaukee workshop.

Create New Kitchen Space When Remodeling

Wisconsin Kitchen Mart has 3 cabinet lines for kitchens: Hampton Cabinetry, Plato Woodworking, and Greenfield Cabinetry. Creative storage options with custom cabinets. Reduce countertop clutter with drawers and cabinets of all shapes and sizes.

The layout of your kitchen has probably limited your current design opportunities. Small kitchens may feel impossible to remodel due to limited space. We have a team of in-house craftspeople to adjust your kitchen layout and open up more space in your kitchen. This includes drywallers who can take down and put up walls to transform L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens.

New Wall Oven in WisconsinHow Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen

We know how important a budget is in home improvement. Every remodeling project is different. Certain appliances and furnishings will cost more than others.

Instead of using a generic price estimator, we provide a Contract and Bill of Material up-front. This bill is all-inclusive so you know the total project price right away. On the rare occasion an adjustment has to be made, say you decide on a different refrigerator or cabinet, we will thoroughly discuss any change in cost.

Remodeling your kitchen today yields a huge return on investment if you ever decide to rent or sell your house. The newer the appliances, fixtures, and features, the more value your home will have.

Before and After Kitchen Pictures

The easiest way to design your new kitchen is to look at previous kitchens we’ve remodeled. View pictures of remodeled kitchens in our gallery. Or read testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Ready to transform your kitchen? Start your luxury remodel with Wisconsin Kitchen Mart!

Visit our Milwaukee showroom to start your kitchen remodeling project.
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